About us is a premier online store dedicated to the Indian Diaspora i.e around 16million Indians scattered across the word. The only inspiration for coming up with the site is to cater to this fabulous Indians who long to have their ethnic foods & Indian lifestyle products on foreign soil thereby inducing a feeling of being connected to their motherland.


Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and induces pleasant feelings. Similarly research has proved that having foods with sprinkles of herbs and Spices that nature has gifted us will spring us back to good health and wellness. What you eat greatly affect your health and Well being.

We here at “Sujumol” has tried to bring out the best of INDIAN Spices, Herbs and various traditional preparations that has a tremendous benefits on the health and mind of the human body.

For every DIS-EASE there is something in nature that will put you back to EASE, it is upon the humans to unlock these secrets from nature and get benefited and also to spread these secrets so that millions of people are benefited.

“Yoga” which originated in ancient India almost 5000 years ago has benefites millions of people around the world by uniting the body, mind and breath. Similarly we are sure that with the appropriate usage of this ancient INDIAN herbs and spices in their daily diet millions of people can experience good health and complete wellness.

We at Sujumol also wish that other great cultures and people have a complete experience of various exceptionally good Indian products that we offer. We offer Premium Indian Spices, Spice Mixes, Natural, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Unani Products. We also offer beauty and wellness products for men and women at best prices. The products are 100 percent genuine and authentic, sourced directly from reputed brands in India.

We offer free delivery by Registered Indian post on almost all our products throughout the World. Online tracking and delivery confirmation would be available on postal department’s website. Customers can upgrade to Standard UPS/DHL courier deliveries at a nominal fixed cost and deliveries reach the respective destinations within 7 working days. Customers who shop for US$100 or more are entitled for free standard UPS/DHL shipping.

At you have the option to make secure payments by Paypal for your orders which is a secure and trusted gateway, globally. Let Sujumol make your health, beauty and wellness online shopping experience great!!

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